Northampton Cooperative Auction Association, Inc.

Market Reports for our weekly auction sales.
This page was last updated: March 28, 2015
How to read the market report.

This report represents the animals for that week. Every week animals and quality of each will change.
Animals are sold each or by the weight. Animals that are sold by weight are sold by cwt (per 100 weight). A report that reads lambs: 75 to 210 cwt means they were sold in a range from 75 to 210 per 100 lbs or $ .75 to $2.10 per pound. When animals are sold by each, that means dollar price.
Shipping for the holidays:

Make sure you ship for buyers to have time to process the meat. Do not ship the day before the sale. Two weeks ahead would be better for the higher prices.

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Market Report for 3-3-15

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